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Biography of Al Capone - American Mafia Boss

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Alphonse Gabriel Capone (born January 17, 1899 - died January 25, 1947 at age 48 years), popularly known as Al Capone or Scarface, was an United States gangster who led a criminal syndicate dedicated to smuggling and selling illegal liquor and illegal activity other during the Prohibition Era of the 1920s and the 1930s. Mafia itself comes from ancient Sicily, Mafiusu, which allegedly took mahyusu Arabic word which means a sanctuary or hermitage.

After the revolution in 1848, the state of the island of Sicily messy so they need to form a sacred bond that protects them from attacks of other nations in this case the Spaniards. Mafia name became famous after the farce played in 1863 with the title I mafiusi in la Vicaria (Cantiknya Vicaria people), which tells of life in gang criminals in jail Palermo.

Although not clear who built it, but the establishment of this organization originally based on the bond of brotherhood among fellow ethnic island of Sicily. In the course of history, which was originally a small group to be large and require more financial support so that the mission of the organization began to shift to seek maximum profit with no regard to other community regulations. Surprisingly its members feel committed a crime because in their eyes, what it does is simply provide protection or protection of other groups being subjected to pressure or blackmail. So that actors can feel proud and honored to "help" someone from trouble. Since that change the meaning of a word Mafiusu person or organization "honor." Another name for the Mafia Cosa Nostra, members always write these words with great respect that is written with initial capital letters. Own understanding of the Cosa Nostra is "our thing" or a nation together, a thought or "our people." But in the translation of the book Mafia Manager by Bern Hidayat called Cosa Nostra that the translation is "none of our business.

Own Al Capone was born on January 17 with the original name of Alphonse Gabriel Capone, who was the fourth child of Gabriele and Teresina Capone couple, immigrants from southern Italy who immigrated to the United States in 1893. In America the first Capone family lived at 95 Navy Street. When Al was 11 years old, Capone family moved to 21 Garfield Place in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Al Capone dropped out of public schools in Brooklyn, he then worked odd jobs in Brooklyn, including disebuah candy shop and bowling. During that Al Capone was influenced by Giovanni Torrio Alias John "Papa Johnny" Torrio or also known as "The Fox" who later became his mentor. After pekejaannya as a petty thief, Al Capone joined the notorious gang the Five Points Gang. then he dpekerjakan sbagai bouncer at Coney Island Dance Hall and Saloon by Frankie Yale Junior Palak Si. This is where Al Capone received the scars that make him get the call "Scarface".

On December 30, 1918, Al Capone married Mae Josephine Coughlin dkaruniai an Irish woman and a child named Albert Francis "Sonny" Capone. Then around 1921, Al Capone and his little family moved to Chicago mmutuskan and occupied the house at 7244 South Ave prairie, south of the city of Chicago. Capone came at the invitation of Torrio who are looking for business opportunities to trade goods dark ². Period Torrio obtain property from the criminal James "Big Jim" Colosimo murdered (allegedly murdered by Frankie Yale, although the charge was not proven because of lack of evidence) after refusing to enter new business areas and Al Capone in those days also has been charged with murder.

After the 1923 mayoral election, the mayor of Chicago William Emmett Dever Selected reform, Chicago city government began to put pressure on the gangsters and criminals in the city of Chicago. This makes the gangsters and criminals sultry. To put its headquarters outside the city jurisdiction, organization Capone (Chicago Outfit) entered by force into the Cicero, Illinois. They fight with criminals Cicero Myles O'Donnell and William "Klondike" O'Donnell to memperbutkan power in Cicero Town Center. Victory is in the hands of Capone and Capone was a triumph of the most remarkable; government takeover of the city of Cicero in 1924. The war resulted in more than 200 people were killed.

Capone (by followers Murray The Hump), masterminded the murder of the most famous gang in the world of the 19th century, Saint Valentine's Day Massacre of 1929. In chicago, on February 14, 1929, there was the shooting of seven members of Bugs Moran Mafia gangsters are ruthless. Although details of the murder victims are mentioned only seven dtemukan disebuah 2212 North Clark Street garage but it is precisely the death toll is estimated more than that. Of the incident directly linked to Capone and his followers, especially Murray The Hump and Jack "Machine Gun" McGurn, but no one has ever been charged for the incident.

End of the football exploits of Al Capone himself was not for murder, assault, robbery, theft or bribery, but due to smuggling cases. Al Capone was arrested while smuggling liquor by the FBI agent Eliot Ness named, who had long been eyeing Al Capone. Cases that eventually became the door for law enforcement in the U.S. to try him in layers on the green table.
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