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Biography of Jenderal Abdul Haris Nasution

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Abdul Haris Nasution was born in Kotanopan, South Tapanuli, North Sumatra, December 3, 1918, Tapanuli Men are more into a general idealistic devout worship. He was never tempted to go into business, which could give him a wealth of material. If there are generals who struggle daily to clean water in his house, Mr. Nas was. Veiled hands cut off running water to his house, shortly after retiring from the military Nasution. To meet the daily water needs, the family was forced to make a well Nasution behind the house. The well is still there today.

It's tragic. Nasution had many years of being ostracized and regarded as political enemies of the New Order government. Though Pak Nas himself to be a milestone birth of Orba. He himself almost become victims of rebel forces led by Colonel Latif. Nasution was the one who led a special session of the MPRS dismiss from the post of president Sukarno, in 1967.

Pak Nas, in his old age, moved to tears twice. First, when removing the bodies of seven heroes of the revolution beginning in October 1965. Secondly, when receiving the management-led KNPI who came to his house with respect to the writing of the book, TNI Bridges with Africa, between blasphemy and Hope.

What made him shed a tear? As the originator of the dual function of ABRI, Pak Nas come to feel guilty, the concept is spoken of as the dual role of the military for a very repressive New Order and excessive. Role of the army to deviate from the basic concept, is more a defender of the ruler rather than people.

Nasution was one of the 50 signatory petition, enemy number one ruler of Orba. But as a sin, President Soeharto, in addition to himself, giving the title to the Great General Nasution towards the end of his life. Although never "despised" the ruling Order, Nas does not deny the role of Pak Soeharto led forces launched an attack Wehrkreise General to Yogyakarta, March 1, 1949.

Pak Nas is known as the founder of the guerrilla war
against Dutch colonialism. About various ideas and concepts of guerrilla war, Mr. Nas wrote a phenomenal book, Strategy of Guerrilla Warfare.

This book has been translated into many foreign languages, so the military academy textbooks in several countries, including the world's elite school for the military, West Point United States (U.S.). And, Mr. Nas was never evasive ABRI's dual function as a drafter who was condemned in the reform era. You see, the practice of dual function of ABRI stray far from the basic concept.

Great generals Nasution last breath at Gatot Subroto Hospital, at 07.30 pm (9/9-2000), in the same month he entered the list of PKI to be killed. He almost killed along with his late daughter, Ade Irma, when the rebellion PKI (G-30-S) erupted again in 1965. In 1948, Mr. Nas led forces that crush the rebellion Siliwangi PKI in Madison.

After the task of leading the MPRS in 1972, the great general who had 13 years of sitting in a key position TNI is, excluded from the power stage. He then busied himself writing his memoirs. Until mid-1986, five of the seven volumes of memoirs struggle Nasution has been outstanding. Fifth memoir, Memories Youth, Memories The Guerrilla, Fulfill Duty Calls, the transition period, and period of Orla. Two more memoarya, The Resurrection of the New Order and The Retired, currently in preparation. There are still some previously published books, such as the Principles of Guerrilla, TNI (two volumes), and about the War of Independence (11 volumes).

He was raised in a devout peasant family worship. Her father was a member of the Islamic movement of SI in their hometown of Kotanopan, South Tapanuli. Nasution enjoys reading historical stories. The second child of seven siblings devour history books, from the Prophet Muhammad until the war of independence the Netherlands and France.

After the AMS-B (SMA Paspal) 1938, Nasution had become a teacher in Bengkulu and Palembang. But then he was interested in. Military Academy, stalled since the invasion of Japan, 1942. As a cadet, he draws lessons from the defeat of the Royal Netherlands Army is pretty embarrassing. There comes a conviction that the soldiers who do not have the support of the people will lose.

In the Revolution of Independence I (1946-1948), when the lead Siliwangi Division, Nasution draw the second lesson. The people support the military. From this was born the idea of guerrilla warfare as a form of people's war. Traditional methods of war are freely developed after Pak Nas became Commander of the Revolution of Independence in Java II (948-1949).

Mr. Young fell in love with Nas Sunarti Johana, daughter of the RP Gondokusumo, Party activists Indonesia Raya (Parindra). Since young, Pak Nas likes to play tennis. The couple met and fell in love on the tennis court (London) prior to the marriage bond. The couple had two daughters (one killed).

Bung Karno admirers in his youth, after entering the ranks of the military, Pak Nas often do not get along and get along with it's first president. Pak Bung Karno Nas considers intervene and take sides in the event of internal unrest in the Army in 1952. He was behind the "Event October 17", which demanded the dissolution of the DPRS and the formation of a new Parliament. Bung Karno dismiss the Army Chief of Staff.

Bung Karno got along with Pak Nas again, then picked it up again as the Army Chief of Staff in 1955. He was named after the outbreak of the PRRI / Permesta. Pak Bung Karno believed Nas as the co-formation of the Cabinet Formation of Work and Employment Cabinet. Both of them did not get along anymore after the liberation of West Irian because of political attitudes that give wind Bung Karno to the PKI.

However, in such situations Pak Nas is trying to be honest with history and conscience. Bung Karno still acknowledged as a great leader. One day in 1960, Pak Nas answer an American journalist, "Bung Karno was in prison for the independence of Indonesia, before I understand the struggle for independence".?

A simple life style brought the Great General A.H. Nasution until his death, September 6, 2000. He did not bequeath material wealth to his family, but a wealth of experience of struggle and idealism. His home on Jalan Teuku Umar, Jakarta, still looks dull, never renovated. But God bless him long life, 82 years old.

General Abdul Haris Nasution Biodata

Name: Abdul Haris Nasution
Rank: Five Star Generals
Born: Kotanopan, South Tapanuli, North Sumatra, December 3, 1918
Died: New York, 6 September 2000
Religion: Islam
Wife: Mrs. Johanna Sunarti

  • HIS, Yogyakarta (1932)
  • HIK, Yogyakarta (1935)
  • AMS Part B, Jakarta (1938)
  • Military Academy, London (1942)
  • Doctor HC of the Islamic University of North Sumatra, Medan (Science, State 1962)
  • Padjadjaran University, Bandung (Political Science, 1962)
  • Andalas University, Padang (State Science 1962)
  • University of Mindanao, Philippines (1971)

  • Teachers in Bengkulu (1938)
  • The teacher in Palembang (1939-1940)
  • Bandung Municipal Employees (1943)
  • And Division III TKR / TRI, New York (1945-1946)
  • And I Siliwangi Division, New York (1946-1948)
  • Deputy Commander in Chief / Chief of Staff Operations MBAP, London (1948)
  • Commander of Java (1948-1949)
  • Army Chief of Staff (1949-1952)
  • Army Chief of Staff (1955-1962)
  • Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (1955-1959)
  • National Security Minister / Coordinating Minister for Political and Security Affairs (1959-1966)
  • Supreme Command Deputy Commander in Chief (1962-1963)
  • Supreme Command Deputy Commander in Chief (1965)
  • Chairman of the People's Consultative Assembly (1966-1972)

Home Address
40 Jalan Teuku Umar, Central Jakarta Tel: 349 080

  • Http://

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