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Popular Search Engines

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Search Engine is a search engine that provides a variety of blog or website. other than that Search Engine also provides a variety of information that is needed banyaak people. this time I am through 7 7TopRanking will discuss the most popular search engines 7TopRanking version.

1. Search Engine Google

Google is a Search Engine of the most popular person, other than the wide range of facilities, Google also shows things that are easy to navigate. February 1999 is the beginning of the google. Google is an early establishment of the need for people to get various information, which information is desired and a lot of people have been facilitated Google properly. so it is only natural that Google is a Search Engine One of the most popular.

2. Search Engine Yahoo

Both sequences Popular Search Engine is Yahoo. 7TopRanking puts Yahoo in a second order for Yahoo Email has a feature that many people enjoy, speed and ease of finding information, features, and provide a complete catalog of one of the functions of the Web. But a little lack of Yahoo compared to Google is Yahoo Loading heavier because many features of Flash and image, while Google has a fairly rapid Loading and light.

3. MSN Search Engine

Third order of search engine is MSN. Search Engine This is the first search engine created by Microsoft and established in 1998. The facilities are seeded MSN Video Search, Music, Pictures and a variety of file formats. MSN Search Engine that is directly formatted in any computer or laptop and the like are a convenience for everyone to visit it directly, is also an advantage possessed by MSN.


Bing is a search engine that features almost the same as google. loading speed has placed fourth version of the Bing became 7TopRanking. however, not so much any blog or website to Bing, so that when people want to find a variety of information, the information displayed Bing is not too much. However, the advantages that exist in addition to the above is Bing Bing has teamed up with Yahoo to provide various information needs.

5. Windows Live search

Furthermore, the fourth sequence is the  Windows Live search. instant answer facility is a significant excess Search engines. In addition, this facility is one of innovation performance is successfully developed and integrated into the system so lets Bing answers. Search results, or video image can be displayed and screened in detail.

6.  Looksmart

Looksmart  is an online advertising company based in San Francisco. LookSmart provides search advertising products and services to text advertisers, as well as targeted pay-per-click search and contextual advertising via the Search Ad Networks. 

7. Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer is the first Search Engine. according 7TopRanking Internet Explorer is a search engine that was first known. though Internet Explorer has a feature that is less complete and quite heavy loading, it is undeniable that Internet Explorer is able to adapt its computers are still below standard, such as computers pentium 2, 3.

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