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Biography of Adam Malik

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Adam Malik, who was nicknamed'' the deer "was born in Siantar, North Sumatra, July 22, 1917 from the couple Haji Abdul Malik Coal and Salamah Lubis. Since childhood he was fond of watching cowboy movies, reading, and photography. After his graduation, his father told him to lead the stores 'Cheap', opposite the cinema Deli. On the sidelines of his new activity, he read many books that enrich the knowledge and insights.

When he was still a teenager, he had been detained by police at the Department of Political Sipirok Intel 1934 and sentenced to two months in prison for violating the ban on assembly. Adam Malik at the age of 17 years has been a leader in Siantar Partindo (1934-1935) to become active in fighting for the independence of his nation. His desire to serve the nation forward and push Adam Malik migrated to Jakarta.

At the age of 20 years, Adam Malik along with Soemanang, Sipahutar, Armin Pane, Abdul Hakim, and Pandu Kartawiguna, Antara news agency pioneered the establishment in 1937 based on JI. Pinangsia 38 Jakarta City. With the capital of the old desk, an old typewriter, and one old roneo machine, they supply news to the various national newspapers. Previously, he has often written, among others, in newspapers and magazines Partindo Andalas Pelita.

In the era of Japan, Adam Malik guerrillas active in the youth movement to fight for independence. Ahead of the August 17, 1945, with Sukarni, Chaerul Saleh, and Wikana, Adam Malik had run Bung Karno and Bung Hatta Rengasdengklok to force them to proclaim the independence of Indonesia.

In order to support the leadership of Sukarno-Hatta, he stirred the people gathered in the field Ikada, Jakarta. Representing the youth group, Adam Malik as the head of Van Action Committee, was elected as Chairman of the Central Indonesian National Committee III (1945-1947) in charge of preparing the composition of government. In addition, Adam Malik is the founder and member of the People's Party, founder Murba Party, and members of parliament.

The late fifties, the appointment of Sukarno, Adam Malik entered the government as ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary to the Soviet Union and Poland. Because of the ability of diplomacy, Adam Malik went on to become chairman of the Delegation of Indonesia Indonesia-Dutch negotiations, to surrender West Irian in 1962. Finish the fight West Irian (Irian Jaya), Adam Malik held the position of Coordinating Minister for Economic Guided Implementation (1965). At the time of the strong influence of the Communist Party of Indonesia, along with Adam Roeslan Abdulgani and General Nasution was considered an enemy of the PKI and labeled as a trio of right-wing counter-revolution.

When a change of regime the Old Order, Adam Malik position opposite to the left of it even in his favor. In 1966, Adam was mentioned in a new trio of Suharto-Sultan-Malik. In the same year, on television, he quit the party since the founding Murba Murba Party, which opposed the entry of foreign capital. Four years later, he joined Golkar. From 1966 to 1977 he served as Second Deputy Prime Minister / Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs ad Interim.

As Secretary of State in the New Order, Adam Malik important role in negotiations with other countries including Indonesia's debt rescheduling relic of the Old Order. Joint Secretary of the ASEAN countries, Adam Malik spearheaded the formation of ASEAN in 1967. He is even believed to be the Chairman of the UN General Assembly to-26 in New York. He was the second Asian man who had chaired the world body's highest institution. In 1977, he was elected Chairman of the DPR / MPR. Then three months later, in a parliamentary session in March 1978 was elected Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia that the three lane replace IX which suddenly declared no longer willing to be nominated.

Several years after the vice-president, he felt less able to contribute much. Understandably, he is accustomed to a lively and active suddenly only play once in a while inaugurating the project and opened the seminar. Later on several occasions he expressed his unhappiness about feudalism adopted a national leader. He menganalogikannya like gentlemen gardener.

As a diplomat, journalist and even bureaucrats, seing he said 'everything could be arranged ". As a diplomat he was known to always have the 1001 answers to all sorts of questions and problems that confronted him. But the word 'can all be arranged' it too well as a burst of criticism in this country that 'all can be set up' with money. After devoting himself for the nation and country, H.Adam Malik died in London on 5 September 1984 for liver cancer. Later, his wife and his children perpetuate his name by establishing the Museum Adam Malik. The government also provides a variety of honors.

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