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Biography of Aa Gym

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Gymnastiar Yan was born in Bandung, West Java, February 30, 1962, or commonly known as Abdullah Gymnastiar or Aa Gym, Born as a child of four children Aa Gym has been engaged to sell a lot of things ranging from newspapers to drive public transport to finance themselves while and after school in electrical engineering before changing direction to wirausahwan. His ability to appear in public as well honed as a debater at university

In 1980'an, under the guidance of Ajengan Junaedi in Garut, West Java laduni deep spiritual understanding of science (science without going through the learning process). In 1982, he became Commander of the Regiment of Engineering Students at the Academy of General Achmad Yani. In 1987, he and his friends through the institution of Islamic Student Family Entrepreneurs (KMIW) pioneering efforts in the field of small business entrepreneurs such as the manufacture of stickers, shirts, key chains, stationery and office equipment with religious slogans.

AA Gym in 1988 married his first wife was Hj Ninih Muthmainnah or also known as "Tea Ninih", and has been blessed with seven children. In 1990, founded the boarding school KMIW Darut Tawheed (DT) in Aa Gym's parents who later moved to the location of 38th Street Gegerkalong Girang originally a boarding house with 20 rooms angsung of their owners eventually purchased at a price of Rp 100 million. The idea of a DT inspired by the success of the Al-Arqom from Malaysia who successfully develop self-reliance in meeting the needs of daily life in Islamic. With the difference DT is not exclusive like Al-Arqom but open to everyone.

In 1993, Unity Foundation Daarut boarding school was built into a permanent three-story building. First floor is used for economic activities, second and third floors used as a mosque. In 1994, founded Boarding School Cooperative (Kopontren) DT to support his message. In 1995 about 50 meters from the mosque, the congregation bought a parcel of land following the building at Jalan Gegerkalong Girang 30 D which is then used as the foundation's offices, the residence of the leader of the cottage, Kindergarten Al-Qur'an (TKA) and Al-Qur Education Park 'an (TPA), meeting rooms, convection production, warehouse, and the room the students. In late 1997 four-story building Kopontren opposite the mosque was used for the office of Baitul Mal wat-Tamwil (BMT), publishing and printing, supermarkets and mini market, kiosk, and others.

In 1999, DT had had Ummah Radio on the air since December 9, 1999, established the CV House and Building (HNB), PT MQs (Mutiata Qolbun Salim), PT MQ Tabloid, Dormitories Daarul Muthmainnah 2000, Radio Heart Bening, and build the House Rumble order, all assets are estimated at 6 billion dollars. In 2000, Aa Gym began performing praised on national TV. He became one of the performers remain in the Morning program on RCTI Wisdom. In 2001, Aa Gym has a standalone program under Dawn Wisdom program series entitled "Management Qolbu". In 2002, Aa Gym has 15 business publication that has published 32 books and dozens of cassettes as well as the media to spread his message VCDnya.

Aa Gym received 1,200 recorded invitation to be speakers each month. Rates siarnya to preach could reach $ 100,000 per hour in the month of Ramadan, and his appearance became seizure TV stations. Other business that he had was radio broadcasting, television mini studio, and other media businesses, including office web sites, cooperative supermarkets, mosques and schools with a capacity of 500 students, two orphanages, the inn to accommodate visitors, as well as conducting seminars, management training seminars at a rate of U.S. $ 200 per head. Ulil Abshar-Abdalla of the Liberal Islam Network called it "Just like Britney Spears in Islam," Time Magazine questioned whether he was just a trader who uses religion as a tool to take advantage, and Solahuddin Wahid of NU Aa Gym believes that strength lies in his sincerity.

In 2004, Aa Gym brought politics-themed program titled There Aa Gym in the RCTI relates to the implementation of the 2004 election. Aa Gym became popular because it introduces a unique way of preaching to the theatrical style with Islamic propaganda messages are practical and generally applicable to everyday life. Preaching messages on a range of self-control, conscience, tolerance and firmness of faith. Aa Gym favored by mothers of the household because he built his image as a religious figure that is different from other scholars.

When the scholars 'conventional' preaching about the virtues of prayer, fasting, and the splendor of heaven, Aa Gym chose to talk about the importance of a sincere heart, sakinah family using everyday language is mild and pleasant. Topic of discussion around the family and the audience is concentrated in the mother-housewife, her image was appointed to be the "ustad happy family." It becomes controversial when the media announced Aa Gym polygamy and married Alfarini Eridani, also known as "Tea Rini" on month of December 2006 a former model.

In December 2007, Aa Gym appears for the first time at the interview Kick Andy on Metro TV after an absence of controversy due to polygamy. He felt the weight appearing in the media for suggesting that he had didzolimi by the press after polygamy, although eventually agreed to attend this interview and met with "Aa Jimmy" comedy version of Aa Aa Gym Gym fill the void in the media when he was absent. He answered the questions why she bear to hurt his wife and family to marry again, she felt 'abandoned' by his admirers, until his business was destroyed after the issue of polygamy.

On March 2008, household Aa Gym as a second wife reportedly cracking noise and Aa Gym home with his first wife separated, but this is disputed and claimed that Aa Gym household to get along [26]. Aa Gym was emotional and said that journalists take illicit salaries and warned that they respect the personal rights of the person while on duty. In December 2010, the first wife of Aa Gym has been sued for divorce in a religious court.

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