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Biography of Adisucipto - Father of Flight Indonesia

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Adisucipto (Adisutjipto) was born on July 4, 1916 in Quezon City, Central Java. Dilute his brain and his performance in school is very satisfactory. Graduated from the Algemene Middelbare School (AMS) Semarang in 1936, he wanted to continue into the Netherlands Military Academy in Breda. But his father advised Adisutjipto go Geneeskundige Hooge Shool (Medical School) in Jakarta. Tjipto secretly take the test and accepted at the School Opleidings Luchtvaart Militaire or Military Air School in Subang Kalijati. Tjipto pass more quickly and get very good value. He was entitled to the rank of ensign air. Tjipto also got a top-class pilot license. It is said that he was the only person who was then Indonesia has a top-class pilot license.

Consecrated in the book written Air Force 1946-2003 Tjipto then get a job in the Java Reconnaissance Squadron. When Japan defeated the Netherlands, all Dutch pilot was discharged. Tjipto back to Quezon City and worked as a clerk. In this city also edited a girl named Tjipto Rahayu.

After independence, dated October 5, 1945 also established the People's Security Army Air Bureau. Surjadi Suryadarma who led the agency is calling Adisutjipto to help shape the air force. Condition of the air force was very apprehensive. No pilot, no mechanical plane, no funds, there are only a few old relics of the Japanese planes.

But Adisutjipto reckless flying those planes. Dated October 10, 1945 he managed to fly the airplane type red-white-painted Nishikoren of Tasikmalaya to Maguwo, Yogyakarta. Dated October 27, 1945 he successfully flew a red-white flag Cureng around Yogya. Tjipto not without intention to do that. This is done to pump up the spirit of struggle of the people.

Dated December 1, 1945, and Surjadi Suryadarma Adisutjipto established flight school. Again, in situations of scarcity. Tjipto an instructor, while Surjadi paperwork. The first batch, there are 31 students in the school's flight. Only the parents do not discourage capital flight in the footsteps of the pioneering Air Force is to learn.

"You are flying coffins," said the fliers UK Lanud Maguwo visiting Yogyakarta in 1945. The pilot was shaking his Cureng see a row of Japanese planes whose number is not much on the runway. Cureng plane was made in 1933, several conditions are far from decent. Because it's not wrong to call this British pilot flying coffin.

But Principal Maguwo Airmen, Commodore Adisutjipto, ignore it to hear what the British army. Flight school cadets were proud record of achievement. Not only records zero accident, Suharnoko, Harbani, Soetardjo Sigit and Maj. Moeljono successfully bombed barracks in Salatiga Netherlands, Ambarawa and Semarang.

1947, Adisutjipto and his colleagues assigned the government of Indonesia to seek medical aid to the Indonesian Red Cross. Obtained assistance from the Red Cross Malaya, while the Dakota transport aircraft VT-CLA is the help of merchants in India. Flights are conducted openly. This humanitarian mission has received approval from the Dutch and English.

But on July 29, 1947, when the plane about to land in Maguwo, all of a sudden two hunters Kitty Hawk aircraft owned by the Dutch appear. The fighters immediately opened fire on a boarded Tjipto Dakota and colleagues. The plane crashed and burned, and seven colleagues Tjipto fall. Only one survived. I wonder what purpose the Dutch broke the agreement, but allegedly because he wanted to avenge the cadets who bombed the barracks Dutch Indonesia.

Adisutjipto 31 years old when killed. Courage and spirit continues to be told from generation to generation. Motivating the Air Force pilots to do the same. For services the government provides the title Father of Aviation of the Republic of Indonesia on Adisutjipto. Maguwo Air Field was renamed to Lanud Adisutjipto.

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