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Biography of Alexander Graham Bell - Inventor of Telephone

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Not how can formal education, but taught well by his family and his own study, that the particulars tilpun inventor Alexander Graham Bell was born in 1847 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Interest in Bell reproduce vocal sounds reasonably incurred because of his father an expert in vocal physiology, improve speech and teach deaf people.

Bell never been to Boston, the state of Massachusetts in 1871. It was there in 1875 he made experiments which led to the discovery tilpun. He collected a patent for his invention cemented in February 1876 and received in return a few weeks later. (It is interesting to note that another man named Elisha Gray also garnered a patent for the invention of the strengthening of similar equipment on the day that coincided with what was done Bell, just within a few hours only).

Shortly after the patent is received, Bell showed tilpun in the exhibition of 100 years the city of Philadelphia. His discovery attracted the attention of the public and received awards for their work. However, The Western Union Telegraph Company, which offered to pay $ 100,000 for the invention of the evasive pay. Because of that, Bell and his friends, in the month of July 1877, started his own company, the ancestors of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company now. Tilpun quickly and massively to achieve commercial success. This Sakarang AT & T is the largest business enterprise in the world.

Bell and his wife are in the month of March 1879 held 15 percent of the shares of companies that seem to have no idea how fantastic benefits that would be received by the company. Within just seven months, they've sold most of their shares with an average price of $ 250 per share. In November the price had shot up to $ 1000 per share! (In March it was the one who urged his wife rush sale because he was worried about the stock price would not be that high again!) In 1881 they sold more rash-third of the remaining shares they hold. Even so, yet in 1883, they've been able to get benefits worth about a million dollars.

Despite the discovery of Bell orbit tilpun already made a fortune, he never stopped to continue its investigation, and he managed to find again the various tools that are useful, though not nearly as important as tilpun. His interests varied, but its main purpose is to help the deaf. His wife was deaf girl who practiced alone. Four children, two boys two girls came out thanks to the marriage but the fourth died young. Bell to be a citizen in 1882 the United States and died in 1922.

Large-small size of the effect lies in the assessment Bell size tilpun meaning itself. In my opinion, the effect is enormous because there are so many discoveries are widely used by people and so much influence in everyday life.

Bell in the order I placed under the Marconi radio since its usefulness is more diverse than tilpun. For example, talking on the tilpun can basically be done by radio, but in some cases (eg communication with aircraft in flight) tilpun can not replace the radio function. If it's just merely a factor to be the size, will Bell ranks far below the more than Marconi. However, there are two things worth considering. First, although the private tilpun conversation could have been done on the radio, it would be very difficult to replace the entire system pertilpunan us with the equivalent of a radio network. Second, the principal method of distributing re-designed the sound for the Bell receiver oper tilpun lately taken and used by a radio receiver, phonograph records and various other equipment form. That's why I consider the influence of Bell only slightly less than the Marconi.
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