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Biography of Alexander the Great: The conqueror of all time

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Alexander the Great (Greek: Μέγας Ἀλέξανδρος ("Megas Alexandros"), English: Alexander the Great) was a conqueror from Macedonia. He is recognized as one of the most genius military leader of all time. He was also the inspiration for the conqueror of conquerors such as Hannibal, Pompey and Caesar of Rome, and Napoleon. In his short reign, Alexander is able to make Macedonia as one of the largest empire in the world.

Alexander was born on June 20, 356 BC in Pella, the capital of Macedonia, as a child of the King of Macedonia, Fillipus II, and his wife Olympias, a princess of Epirus. As a child, she witnessed how her father's troops to strengthen Macedonia and won many battles in the Balkans. When he was 13 years old, King Philip hired the famous Greek philosopher, Aristotle, to be a private teacher for Alexander. In three years, Aristotle teaches a variety of things and to encourage Alexander to love science, medicine, and philosophy. In the year 340 BC, Philip of Macedonia to collect an army of soldiers and attack Byzantium. During the attack, while he gave power to the Alexander who was then aged 16, to lead the Macedonian.

Of King Phillip II died in 336 BC by the assassin at his daughter's wedding. Alexander was in his father's throne at the age of 20 years. Shortly after the death of Phillip, in the Greek cities that had previously been subject to Macedonia as Athens and Thebes rebelled. Alexander acted quickly and managed to thwart the uprising. However, years of revolt beikutnya back, he decided to act decisively with mengahancurkan Thebes and sold all of its inhabitants as slaves. This incident had put other cities desire to rebel.

The year 335 BC, Alexander attacked Persia with carrying about 42,000 troops. Over the next two years Alexander won many battles against the Persians until finally he managed to defeat the forces led by the Persian king Darius III in 333 BC. Darius who fled sought to peace by offering Alexander territory and property, but was rejected. Alexander says that he is now the King of Asia, and only he has the right to determine the division of territory. Alexander then went on to its military expansion conquered territories to the borders of Egypt to India before it was forced to quit because of his soldiers, exhausted from fighting continuously for ten years.

Alexander then returned to kerajaanya for a new expansion plan. During the trip he executed many satrap (governor sort of) and the officials who act off as an example. Then as a form of thanks to his soldiers, Alexander gave some money at them and declared that he would send the veterans and the disabled back to Macedonia. However, this action would be interpreted otherwise by the soldiers of Alexander. In addition, they also oppose a number of Alexander's decision, as adopted Persian culture and dimasukkanya troops from Persia into the ranks of soldiers from Macedonia. A number of soldiers and rebels in the city of Opis. Alexander executed the leaders of the mutiny, but forgave his soldiers. In a last effort to bring peace between the Macedonians and the people of Persia, Alexander held a mass marriage of his officers with the noble women of Persia. However, only a few marriages that lasted more than a year.

While in Babylon, Alexander suddenly hit by severe pain and fever for 11 days before she died on June 10, 323 BC, aged about 33 years. The real cause of death is unclear. After Alexander's death, the absence of heirs cause discord and fighting among his subordinates. Finally, after many many disputes, circa 300 BC, control of the former kingdom of Alexander was divided into 4 regions each controlled by one of the generals of Alexander.

World at the time of Alexander's death, showed kemaharajaannya in a larger geopolitical context Although only ruled for 13 years, during his leadership he was able to build an empire larger than any empire that ever existed before. At the time of his death, Alexander ruled an area measuring 50 times larger than that bequeathed to him and covered three continents (Europe, Africa, and Asia).

The unification of the region of Macedonia to Persia by Alexander the Great led terbetuknya perpaduaan Greek culture, Mediterrrania, Egypt, and Persia, called the culture of Hellenism. The influence of Hellenism is even to India and China. Specifically in China, the influence of this culture can be traced among the artifacts found in Tunhuang.

Alexander during the expansion also founded several cities that are all named after Based on the name, such as Alexandria or Alexandropolis. One of the cities named Alexandria who was in Egypt, later became famous for a complete library and last up to a thousand years and developed into the world's greatest centers of learning at that time.

Title The Great or the Great in his name is given as his prowess as a king and the other warlords and keberhasilanya conquer a vast territory in just 10 years.
Alexander the Great and Dhu'l-Qarnayn

Alexander the Great is one of the characters are regarded as Dhul Qarnain (Iskandar Zulkarnain) which can be found also in the Holy Qur'an, Surah Al-Kahf 83-101. Narrated who locked nation is Gog (Gog) and Magog (Magog) - who according to Sahih Hadith, the nation will come out at the end of time. This history bemula from the moment he would conquer an area, residents are willing to follow him unexpectedly. National origin and Majuj dikurungnya Yajuj. Thus Dhu'l-Qarnayn Iskandar two nations are locked. And the residents were willing to be conquered with great fondness.

This assumption comes from the story of Alexander Romance that existed before Islam. Some Muslims reject the notion Allama Alexander the Great was Dhul Qarnain, because Alexander the Great was not a monotheist, while Dhul-Qarnain is a worshiper of God and only one ruler.

After Alexander the can conquer other countries ditimur, western, northern and diselatan, the kingdom is now
include: Moroko, Rom, Greece, Egypt, Persia and India, so it is a vast empire, which had never happened before, where the population is now living with a safe, peaceful and prosperous. Alexander the ideals have been able to accomplish, thanks to the help of God, he always took refuge kerana himself to Him. But unfortunately after Alexander the dead, great and happy kingdom was to be broken to-split, power struggles kerana his followers he left behind. Bererti king Alexander the Great Eastern and Western, Eastern kingdom has been able to unite with the Western empire, became a kingdom, just and prosperous, thanks to science and knowledge, as well as the basis of divine blessing which is always held fast in the establishing of the kingdom.

Ideals of Alexander the pure and holy it is great, to have been violated by a man while the ruling later. But in time these ideals will blossom again and become a reality, so it'll be up later on a country made up of East and West, just and prosperous. We are waiting for the founding of the country, waiting for the arrival of Alexander the twentieth century.

"He was a great king, the humble majesty of glory under the auspices of the One God .. he is a great king, the glory of the supreme gift .. he is a wise king, whose wisdom is the mandate of the authority"
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