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Biography of General Ahmad Yani

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General Ahmad Yani posthumously (Purworejo, June 19, 1922]], Crocodile Hole, Jakarta, October 1, 1965) is an Indonesian national hero. Diawalinya formal education in the HIS (Elementary level) Bogor, finished in 1935. Then he went to school MULO (at the First Medium School) class B AFD. Bogor. From there he graduated in 1938, then he went into the AMS (high school level) part B AFD. Jakarta. The school is lived only until grade two, with respect to the militia which was announced by the Government of the Netherlands East Indies. 

Achmad Yani and then follow the military education at the Department of Military Topography in Malang and more intensively in Bogor. From there he began his military career with the rank of Sergeant. Then after 1942, ie after the Japanese occupation of Indonesia, he also attended Heiho in Magelang, and then entered the army Fatherland Defenders (PETA) in Bogor.

Have achieved many accomplishments during the war of independence. Achmad Yani confiscated Japanese weapons in Magelang. After the People's Security Army (TKR) is formed, he was appointed Commander of TKR Navan. when the first Dutch military aggression occurs, Achmad Yani forces operating in the area Pingit managed to repel the Dutch in the area. So when the Dutch Second Military Aggression occurs, he held the position as commander entrusted Wehrkreise II which covers the area of defense Kedu. After Indonesia gained recognition of sovereignty, he was assigned to fight against DI / TII (Darul Islam / Indonesian Islamic Army) who wreaks havoc in the region of Central Java. When it formed the Banteng Raiders who were given special training to troops DI / TII was successfully defeated. After crushing DI / TII, he returned to the Army Staff.

In 1955, Achmad Yani schooled at the Command and General Staff College at Fort Leaven Worth, Kansas, USA for nine months. In 1956, he also attended for two months at the Special Warfare Course in England. In 1958 when the PRRI in West Sumatra, Achmad Yani who still held the rank of Colonel was appointed Commander of Operations August 17 to lead the crackdown on the PRRI and managed to put it down. Until in 1962, he was appointed Minister / Commander of the Army.

Achmad Yani always different understanding with the PKI (Indonesian Communist Party). He rejected the desire to form a Fifth Force PKI consisting of armed workers and peasants. Therefore, he became one of the target PKI kidnapped and killed in the seven officers of the Army through G30S/PKI Rebellion (September Thirty Movement / PKI). Achmad Yani was shot in front of her bedroom on October 1, 1965 (morning). His body was later found at Crocodile Hole, East Jakarta and properly buried at Kalibata Heroes Cemetery in South Jakarta. Achmad Yani fall as a hero of the Revolution. Previous rank as Lieutenant-General raised the level (the award) to General.


Name: Ahmad Yani

Curriculum vitae:
  • HIS (at SD) Bogor, completed in 1935 
  • MULO (junior high) class B AFD. Bogor, completed in 1938 
  • AMS (high school) part B AFD. Jakarta, quit in 1940 

Military education:
  • Military Education in the Department of Military Topography in Malang 
  • Education in Magelang Heiho 
  • Defenders of the Homeland Army (PETA) in Bogor
  • Command and General Staff-College at Fort Leaven Worth, Kansas, USA, in 1955
  • Special Warfare Course in England, 1956 

Career History

Last Position: Chief Secretary of the Army (Men / Army Commander) since 1962
Medal of Honor:
  • Class II-Stars RI
  • Sakti-Star
  • Guerrilla-Star
  • Star-Eight Year Period of Independence I and II
  • Satyalancana Kesetyaan-VII, XVI
  • G-Satyalancana: O.M. I and VI
  • Sapta Marga-Satyalancana (PRRI)
  • Satyalancana West Irian (Trikora) 
  • Narodne Ordenon Armije II-Reda Yugoslavia (1958)
  • Respect signs: Heroes of the Revolution
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