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Biography of Haji Agus Salim

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Haji Agus Salim Haq Mashudul born with the name that means "defender of the truth". He was born in Tower City, Agam, West Sumatra, Dutch East Indies, October 8, 1884. He became the fourth child Moehammad Sultan Salim, a prosecutor in a district court. Because the position of his father Salim can learn at Dutch schools smoothly, but because he's a smart boy. In young age, he has mastered at least seven foreign languages: Dutch, English, Arabic, Turkish, French, Japanese, and German. In 1903 he graduated HBS (Hogere Burger School) or a 5-year high school at age 19 with a predicate of the best graduates in the three cities, namely Surabaya, Semarang and Jakarta.

Therefore, Agus Salim hoped the government would continue to grant scholarships to medical school in the Netherlands. But, his plea was rejected. He's broke. However, his intelligence attracted the attention of Kartini, Jepara Regent children. An excerpt from a letter to Mrs. Kartini. Abendanon, wife of officials that determines the granting of government scholarships at Kartini: "We were attracted to a child so young, we want to see her blessed with happiness. The young man named Salim, her son from Riau Sumatra, which in this year, high school final exams HBS, and he came out as champions. The first winner of all three HBS! The young man wanted to go to Holland to study to become a doctor. Unfortunately, the financial situation does not allow. "

Then, Kartini recommend Agus Salim to take his leave for the Netherlands, because of her marriage and traditional Javanese princess who did not allow a high school. How to transfer a scholarship of 4800 guilders from the government to Agus Salim. The Government finally agreed. However, Agus Salim refused. He thinks that is a gift for someone else suggested, not because intelligence and respect for his trouble. Salim offended by the discriminatory attitude of the government. Is it because Kartini the Javanese nobility comes from a family that has a good and close relations with government officials and leaders so that Kartini's easy to get a scholarship?

Later, Agus Salim choose to depart to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to work as a translator at the Dutch consulate in the city between 1906-1911. There, he deepened the Islamic religious sciences at Sych Ahmad Khatib, the imam of the Grand Mosque which is also his uncle, and to learn diplomacy. On his return from Jeddah, he founded his school (Hollandsche Inlandsche School), and then entered the world of the national movement. Agus Salim's political career began in the SI, joined the HOS Tjokroaminoto and Abdul Muis at 915. When the two men resigned from the People's Council as representative of SI due to their disappointment against the Dutch government, Agus Salim replace them for four years (1921-1924) at the institution. But, as his predecessor, he felt the struggle "of the" no benefit. He came out of the Volksraad and concentrate on the SI.

In 1923, seeds of discord began to arise in the SI. Semaun and his friends want SI to be left-leaning organization, while Agus Salim and Tjokroaminoto reject it. SI tail split in two: People's SI Semaun form which then turns into the PKI, while Agus Salim remained in the SI. His political career was not so smooth. He never suspected his colleagues as a spy because he had worked for the government. Moreover, he was never arrested and imprisoned as Tjokroaminoto. But, some of the writings and speeches pertaining to Agus Salim break the government's allegations. He even managed to replace Tjokroaminoto as chairman after the founder of SI's death in 1934.

In addition to the cast of SI, Agus Salim is also one of the founders Jong Islamieten Bond. Here he made a breakthrough to break the rigid religious doctrine. In congressional Jong-2 Islamieten Bond in Yogyakarta in 1927, with the approval of the board Agus Salim Jong Islamieten Bond brings together the seating of women and men. This differs from the Congress two years earlier that separated the veil: women in the back, the man in front. "The teachings of Islam and pioneering spirit of women's emancipation," he said. Agus Salim was a member of the Preparatory Committee for Indonesian Independence (PPKI) at the end of Japanese rule. When Indonesia became independent, he was appointed a member of the Supreme Advisory Council. His talents diplomacy makes him credible as a Junior Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Cabinet Syahrir I and II, and became Foreign Minister in the Cabinet Hatta. After recognition of the sovereignty of Agus Salim was appointed as an advisor to Secretary of State.

With his small, Agus Salim in diplomatic circles known as The Grand Old Man, as a form of recognition for his achievements in the field of diplomacy. Known as free-spirited person. He never wanted to be restrained by the limits, even he dared to break the tradition of strong Minang. Firm as a politician, but simply in the attitude and everyday life. He rented a house move when in Surabaya, Yogyakarta, and Jakarta. In a modest home that he became educators for their children, except the youngest, rather than put it into formal education. The reason, during his life Agus Salim got everything from outside the school. "I have gone through the muddy road from colonial education," he said of the rejection of colonial formal education as well as a form of defiance against the Dutch. Agus Salim died on 4 November 1954 at the age of 70 years.

In communication theory, the pattern of thinking is influenced by background live in the neighborhood. A character that plays a role in the modern Islamic movement in Indonesia, Agus Salim, has a pattern of thinking is influenced by the environment in terms of socio-intellectual. He was the son of a government official who also came from the nobility and religion. So, since childhood he lived in a neighborhood filled with religious nuances. After completing school studies pertengahannya in Jakarta, she worked for the Dutch consulate in Jeddah (1906-1909). Here he learned more about the return of Islam, though he gave the confession: "although I was born into a devout Muslim family and religious education right from childhood, [after Dutch school] I began to lose faith."

However, it does not mean that Agus Salim is an anti-nationalism. Independence struggle in preparing for our nations is proof that he was a spirit of nationalism. Agus Salim struggle to achieve prosperity for the people of Indonesia should be our shared appreciation for our gratitude to God Almighty. Furthermore, the current enjoyment of life that we feel in Indonesia none other than the hard-earned independence of the fighters and it would be better if they struggle in the past can we live to revitalize the spirit of self-consistently explore the treasure-Islamic heritage, kemoderenan, and Indonesian-ness.
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