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Biography of Muhammad Abu Abdirrahman Nashiruddin bin Nuh al-Albani

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His name is Abu Abdirrahman Nashiruddin bin Muhammad Nuh al-Albani. H was born in 1333 in the capital city of Albania Ashqodar ago. He grew up in a family dispossessed, because the love of science and scientists. Al-Albani's father is Al Haj Noah is a graduate science education in the state capital Shari'ah Ottoman dynasty (now Istanbul), that when King Ahmad Zagho ascended the throne in Albania and change the system of government was a secular government, then Shaykh Nuh very worried about him self and family. Finally he decided to emigrate to Sham in order to save his religion and because of fear of libel. He sekeluargapun to Damascus.

On arrival in Damascus, Shaykh al-Albani began actively studying small Arabic. He entered school at a madrassa run by al-Is'af Jum'iyah al-Khairiyah. He continued to study at the school until the last class Ibtida'iyah level. Then he continued his study directly to the Sheikh. He studied the Koran from his father to finish, in addition to studying the Hanafi madhhab fiqh is also part of his father. Shaykh al-Albani also learned clock repair skills from his father until well advanced, so that he became an expert who mahsyur. These skills then became one of his livelihood. At 20 years old, the young al-Albani began concentrated themselves on the science of hadith because pembahsan impressed with the discussion, which is in the magazine al-Manar, a magazine published by Sheikh Muhammad Rashid Rida. The first activity in this area is copy of a book entitled "al-Mughni 'an al-Asfar Hamli Takhrij fi ma fi al-Ishabah min al-Akhbar".

A book by al-Iraqi, a takhrij of hadiths contained in the Ihya 'al-Ghazali Ulumuddin. Shaykh al-Albani activities in the field of hadith was opposed by his father as he commented. "Indeed the science of hadith is the work of people for bankruptcy (bankruptcy)". Shaykh al-Albani But even more love to the world of the hadith. Later, the Shaykh al-Albani does not have enough money to buy books. Therefore, he was utilizing ADH-Dhahiriyah Library there (Damascus). In addition to also borrow books from a special library. That is, the hadith became busy routine, until he closed his watch repair shop. He is more comfortable to linger in the ADH-Dhahiriyah library, so that each day reaches 12 hours. Never breaks mentelaah hadith books, unless the prayer time arrives. To eat, often only a few foods brought into the library. Finally, the head of the library provides a special room in the library for him. Even kemudiaan he was authorized to carry a library key. Thus, he became accustomed to freely and come before the others came. Similarly, when others go home to come home on time dhuhur, he would go home after evening prayers. It lived up to many years.

Prison Experience

Shaykh al-Albani was jailed twice. First time for a month and the second time for six months. That's not because he was preaching to the sunnah of persistent and fight heresy that people are jealous of him and spread slander.
Tasks that once carried some

Shaykh al-Albani He has taught at Jami'ah Islamiyah (Islamic University of Medina) for three years, since the year 1381-1383 AH, teaching about the hadith and hadith sciences. After that he moved to Jordan. In the year 1388 H, the Ministry of Education asked the Shaykh al-Albani to become chairman of the department Dirasah Islamiyah on the Graduate Faculty at a university in the kingdom of Jordan. But the circumstances of the time did not enable him to meet that demand. In the year 1398 H 1395 H until he returned to Medina to serve as a member of the Upper House at Islamiyah Jam'iyah there. Mandapat highest honor of the kingdom of King Faisal of Saudi Arabia on 14 Dzulkaidah 1419 Fundation H.

Some of the work he

The works of his so much, some of which are already printed, there is still a manuscript and there are mafqud (missing), all totaling 218 titles. He works a few examples are:
  • Adabuz-Zifaf fi al-Sunnah Muthahharah
  • Al-an-Nafi'ah Ajwibah 'ala al-Jami'ah as'ilah mosque
  • Silisilah al-ahadith ash Saheehah
  • Silisilah adh al-ahadith-Dha'ifah wal maudhu'ah
  • At-Tawasul wa anwa'uhu
  • Al-Jana'iz Ahkam wabida'uha
In addition, he also has a lecture tapes, cassettes refutation of heretical ideas and tapes contain the answers about the various issues that are beneficial. Shaykh al-Albani further saying the personal library, either in the form of books already printed, copyan photo books, manuscripts (written by his own or others) are all submitted to the library Jami'ah in relation to the propagation to al-Sunnah Book was, according to Salih salafush manhaj (radi anhum companions of the Prophet), when he became a lecturer there.

Death of

He died on Friday night and Saturday 21 Jumada Tsaniyah 1420 H or coincide with the date of October 1, 1999 in Yoradania. Rahimallah ash-Shaykh al-Albani rahmatan wasi'ah jazahullahu'an wa al-Islam wal muslimiina khaira adkhalahu wa fi al-an-Na'im Muqim.

Hadith is one of the referral sources of Islamic law in addition to the Koran. In the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad that contained the answers and solutions to problems faced by people in various walks of life. Speaking about the science of hadith, Muslims will not forget the services of Al-Albani. He is one of the leaders of this century Islamic reformer.

The work and his services are many and very helpful, especially Muslims in reviving the science of hadith. He contributed to purify Islam from weak hadiths and fake as well as examine the degree of hadith.
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