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Biography of Adolf Hitler - the Nazi dictator

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Adolf Hitler was born in 1889 in Braunau, Austria. As a teenager he was a failed artist who neglected and at times in his young age he became a fanatical German nationalist. During World War I, he entered the German Army, was wounded and received two medals for bravery.

The defeat of Germany membikinnya devastated and angry. In 1919, when he turned thirty years old, he joined the small right-wing party in Munich, and soon the party changed its name to the Nationalist German Workers Party (Nazi summarized). In the past two years he rose to be a leader without a rival in the German nickname called "Fuehrer."

Under the leadership of Hitler, the Nazi party with incredible speed and become a force in November 1923 kupnya experiment failed. Coup known as "The Munich Beer Hall Putsch." Hitler was arrested, accused traitor, and found guilty. However, he was released from prison after languishing there for less than a year.

In 1928 the Nazi party is still a small party. However, a massive depression make people dissatisfied with the political parties are large and well-established. In these circumstances the Nazi party became stronger, and in the month of January 1933, when forty-four years old, Hitler became Chancellor of Germany.

With the job, quickly and deftly Hitler dictatorship established by using the apparatus of government confront all opposition. Keep in mind, this process is not through the erosion of civil liberties and rights defend themselves against criminal charges, but worked with the blade of lightning and the Nazi party often does not bother with the procedures of the filing at all. Many political opponents beaten, even killed on the spot. Even so, before the outbreak of World War 2, Hitler won support of most of the population of Germany because he managed to suppress the amount of unemployment and economic improvements.

Hitler then designed a way to conquests ultimately bring the world into the arena of World War 2. He won the first battle with virtually no passing at all. Britain and France surrounded by various kinds of economic difficulties, because it wants peace so that they did not care when Hitler betrayed the Versailles Agreement by establishing the German Armed Forces. Similarly, they do not care when Hitler occupied the Rhineland and strengthen the fort (1936), and likewise when Hitler annexed Austria (March 1938). Even while they received nod when Hitler annexed the Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia border fortifications. International agreement known as the "Munich Pact" by Britain and France are expected as a result of the purchase of "Peace of all time" were trampled and left them stunned when Hitler seized Czechoslovakia a few months later partly because Czechoslovakia utterly helpless. At each stage, Hitler cleverly combining arguments to justify his actions with the threat that he would be war if the desire be ignored, and at each stage of democratic countries feel afraid and fell backwards.

However, Britain and France resolved defend Poland, Hitler's next target. First Hitler protect themselves by signing the pact "not to attack each other" month of August 1939 with Stalin (essentially aggression treaty agreements because they agreed how to divide the two Poles for their own interests). Nine days later, Germany invaded Poland and sixteen days after the Soviet Union did the same. Although Britain and France declared war on Germany, Poland soon be conquered.

Hitler's greatness is the peak year of 1940. In April, the Armed Forces confront Denmark and Norway. In May, he hit the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxemburg. In June, the French bend your knees. But in Britain last year was also fiercely against German air raids, known by the nickname "Battle of Britain" and Hitler was never able to set foot on British earth.

German forces conquered Greece and Yugoslavia in April 1941. And in June the same year Hitler tore up the "non-aggression agreement" with the Soviet Union and the opening attack. German Army to occupy the vast territory of Russia, but was unable to disable it completely before winter. Although Britain and Russia fought opponents, unmitigated Hitler declared war with the United States in December 1941 and a few days later berated the United States Japan, ransacked the Navy base at Pearl Harbor.

In mid-1942 the Germans had mastered the lion's share of Europe that never could be done by anyone else in history. Moreover, he ruled North Africa. The turning point battles occurred in the second half of 1942 when Germany was defeated in the battle of El-Alamein complex in Egypt and Stalingrad in Russia. After this setback, the good fortune which was shading the Germans gradually, steadily fade away. However, despite the defeat of Germany seemed inevitable, Hitler refused to surrender. Not that he was getting scared, even penggasakan continue for more than two years after Stalingrad. The bitter end of the story occurs in the spring of 1945. Hitler committed suicide in Berlin on 30 April and seven days after the Germans surrendered.

During his power, Hitler engaged in acts of mass murder is no match in the history of the bench. He was a fanatical racist, special to the Jews did with the rancorous bubbling. He publicly announced kill every Jew in the world. In his reign, exile kampkamp large Nazi building, equipped with gas chambers. In each area the territory, innocent people, men, women and children were herded and thrown into a cattle car pulled next to his life in the gas chambers. In a period of just a few years around six million Jews were repatriated to the afterlife.

Following Hitler's most famous statement:

"Ich konnte all die Juden in dieser Welt zu zerstören, aber ich ein wenig Lasse drehte-on, so können herausfinden Sie, ich sie warum getötet"

(I could have destroyed all the Jews in this world, but I leave a little of life, that you will be able to find out why I kill them)

Jews are not the only group who are victims of Hitler. In the reign of dictatorship, the people of Russia and Gypsy are also cleared, as well as people who happen to be considered include low or racial enemies of the state. Never imagined the killing is done spontaneously, or in hot conditions and the heat of battle. But Hitler was building a camp mautt with meticulous organization as if he designed a large business enterprise. Structured data, the amount specified, and the corpses were systematically stripped of his body members as valuable as gold teeth and wedding rings. Also many of the bodies used to make soap factory. So rigorous plan to assassinate Hitler that even in the recent war is over, when the Germans lack the ingredients to make use of both civilian and military, the car continued to roll toward the cattle camps in the framework of the murder of non-military terror mission.

In many ways, it's obvious notoriety of Hitler will be finished. First, he is widely considered the world's most wretched of human history. If people like Nero and Caligula is one of the steps are not very meaningful when compared to Hitler and Hitler still remains a symbol of the atrocities during the 20th century, seemingly melesetlah if the forecast is so bad that Hitler did not unchallenged reputation in history will be remembered for decades people centuries.

More than that, of course, Hitler will be remembered as the culprit of the outbreak of World War 2, the greatest war that ever occurred on earth. Advancement of nuclear weapons will happen as the impossibility of large-scale war in the future. Therefore, even two or three thousand years from now, World War 2 may still be considered a big event in history.

Furthermore, Hitler would remain popular because the whole story concerning him is so creepy and interesting, how a stranger (Hitler was born in Austria, not Germany), how a man who had no political experience at all, no money, no political ties, capable of -in a period of less than fourteen years, became a prominent leader of a world power, is truly amazing. His ability as an orator truly remarkable. Measured by its ability to mobilize the masses in the critical actions, it can be said that Hitler was the greatest orator in history. Finally, how dirty the lift to the summit of power, once held in check his hands will not be soon forgotten.

Perhaps no figure in history has so much influence on his generation than Adolf Hitler. In addition to the tens of millions of people who die in a war that he was the culprit, or those who died in concentration camps, there are still millions and millions of people are displaced Ramanujan without shelter or who live apart by war.

Other estimates of the effect of Hitler should consider two factors. First, many of which actually happened under his leadership would never have happened if no Hitler. (In this regard he is very different from figures such as Charles Darwin or Simon Bolivar). Of course it is true that the situation in Germany and Europe to provide an opportunity for Hitler. Military service and anti-Jewish passion, for example, did amaze the listeners. No visible signs, for example, that generally the Germans in the 1920's or 1930's intended to have a government like that driven by Hitler, and very few signs that the other German leaders will do the same Hitler. What does the little Hitler had never expected to happen by analysts.

Second, the entire Nazi movement is controlled by a leader of up to an incredible level. Marx, Lenin, Stalin and other leaders alike have a role to the growth of Communism. However, National Socialism did not have before the advent of Hitler's top leader, nor was there afterwards. Hitler led the party into power and stay on top. When he died, the Nazi party and the government he leads off with him.

However, despite the influence of Hitler on his generation was so large, the result of his actions in the future is not how big it seems. Hitler failed miserably completing arguably the ideal targets are everywhere, and the consequences that appear on the next generation of even the opposite of what he wanted. For example, Hitler intended to spread the influence of German and German territory. However, areas of conquests, although very broad, only to be brief and temporary. And now even West Germany and East Germany when put together are still smaller than the Republic of Germany when Hitler to be the head of government.

Is the impulse of lust Hitler wanted to slaughter the Jews. But fifteen years after Hitler came to power, an independent Jewish state stands for the first time after 2000 years. Hitler hated communism and the Soviet Union either. However, after its death, and partly due to the commencement of the war, Russia even expand his territory in the vast territory of Eastern Europe and the influence of Communism in the world even growing. Hitler intended to crush the democracy even destroy, not only in other countries but in Germany itself. However, West Germany is now a democratic country and the people who run seem to be more hated dictatorship than any generation before the time of Hitler.

Whether there is a strange combination of an unusually large influence on when he came to power with such a mini influence on subsequent generations? Effects caused Hitler at the time of his life was so enormous that it is obvious Hitler deserved to be placed in the order a bit high on the list this book.

Even so, of course he must be placed under such figures as Shih Huang Ti, Augustus Caesar and Genghis Khan that his actions affect the world with a range long after his death. An almost parallel position with Hitler is Napoleon and Alexander the Great. In such a short time, Hitler was able to tear apart the world is much more severe than the two men. Hitler placed under the order because they have a longer effect.

Nazi Secret Weapons and HITLER
1. Wind Windkanone Canon

Wind Cannon was also developed by a plant in Stuttgart during the war. He is the type of weapon which will issue a jet of compressed air against enemy aircraft. Working cannon from a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen. Experimental trials of a cannon in Hillersleben showed that 25mm-thick wooden boards can be damaged at a distance of 200m. Nitrogen peroxide has been used in some experiments that will make the color brown path of air from Wind Canon to be monitored by the photo. Nevertheless, the cannons are installed on the bridge of the Elbe, but no concrete results - either because there are no aircraft or did not work (possibly as a cause).

2. LandKruezer P.1000 Ratte

The Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte (Ratte = rat) is a German WWII Nazi design for super-heavy tank weighing 1000 tons, or 1,000,000 kg. By comparison, a weight of 61.4 ton Abrams tank. Bruhathkayosaurus, which is probably the heaviest animal ever to live on earth, weighing between 175 and 220 tons, several times smaller than Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte. Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte was designed by Albert Speer, who has more experience as an architect than an engineer.

3. Dora Railway Gun Dora Gerat

Built for the French Maginot Line fortifications destroyed, Dora Railway Gun is too late to be used in the campaign against France (where the Maginot Line which bypassed). Dora Railway Gun used in Sebastopol where finally fired bullets 48-7 ton for 13 days, destroying the Soviet defense to perfection.

4. Sound Canon Schallkanone

Tests showed that the pressure waves generated from the Sound Canon with 2000 kg explosives, dogs at a distance of 40 m have been killed. Sound Canon smash through the parabolic mirror.
At least 50 m radius of Sound Canon can cause deaths or injuries.

5. Horten Ho 229 Flying Wing

In the early 1930s, attracted by the Horten flying wing design as a method of improving the performance of gliders. In 1943, Reichsmarschall fried issued a request for design proposals to make the bomber capable of carrying a 1000 kg (2200 lb) contains more than 1,000 km (620 miles) at 1,000 km / h (620 mph), the so-called 3 X 1000 project. Conventional German bombers reaching Allied headquarters in England.


Project Haunebu was done by some people who joined the SS E-IV (Entwicklungsstelle 4) and led by Viktor Schauberger in 1939 tried to make the electro-magnetic-gravitic engine which is expandable from Hans Coler's free energy machine into enery converter coupled Van De Graaf band generator and Marconi vortex dynamo.
to generate an electromagnetic field capable of round effect on the gravitational mass and shrink ... and put into the design are made by Thule .. sequel is

The Haunebu I
First flew in 1939 and has over 52 flight test!.

The haunebu II
So in taon 1942, version II with a diameter gedenya haunebu 26m.Mampu carrying 9 crew and the people were able to achieve supersonic speeds ranging from 6000 to 21 000 km / h with a duration of 55 hours flight!

The haunebu II Do-Stra (Dornier STRAtospharen Flugzeug / stratospheric Aircraft)
This bener2 for continuation of war now .. 32m in diameter, can menangkut 20 crews, able to reach hypersonic speeds equivalent to a heat shield 21000km/jam and perform 106 test flight!
The project is being hunted by two major manufacturers in Germany, the Junkers and Dornier, but winning this tender Dornier ...

The haunebu III
71 meters in diameter, capable membawa32 and crew were able to achieve until 7000 40000km/jam! and can last flying for 7 to 8 weeks ..
Well that is the one who fled to Antarctica by using that same Thule Vril in March 1945 (two secret organizations regarding this project)

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