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Biography of Martha Tilaar - Cosmetics Entrepreneur Success

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Martha Tilaar born in Kebumen, Central Java, 4 September 1937, he was a businessman by the name of the Leading Cosmetic trademark Sariayu Martha Tilaar. HAR Tilaar He married and had four children, Emil Bryan Tilaar, Pinkan Tilaar, Wulan Tilaar, Kilala Tilaar. grandmother of several grandchildren, was a woman who did not give up. When others say is impossible, he still tried. The important thing is not at the size of obstacles in front of us, but how do we solve the problem. Incidentally, her husband get the opportunity to study abroad. He also took the beauty college and graduated from the Academy of Beauty Culture, Bloomington, Indiana, USA.

I graduated from Martha's beauty academy beauty salon soon to open practices in the land of Uncle Sam's. He made such a simple brochure flyers, promote salon services. Various promotional efforts do like go to college campuses, the homes of his former professor to dress her. Similarly, the Indonesian students, or mothers who followed her husband's assignment abroad. Upon his return to his homeland, he opened a small salon in the simple house of his father's garage, with size 6 x 4 meters in 1970, he continues to develop her salon, by distributing leaflets to the surrounding environment, salon pamper guests and invites them talk in conversation, to get closer emotionally. With it's proximity, the visitors become at ease and become repeat customers salon. Soon, two years later in 1972 he opened his second salon in No Way Wine. 3 Cipete, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, while initiating the use of a new trademark Sariayu Martha Tilaar.

Martha also tirelessly continue to explore the natural wealth of Indonesia for salon products. The goal, is that female beauty and Indonesia maintained keayuannya. Marta Tilaar never met the woman with the children while carrying two children. His face looked old, worn and wrinkled. I think he was already entering a period of 40 years. Apparently, not yet twenty-five. Due to the heavy burden of life and never keep the beauty, she looks much older than actual age. Treading in 1977 to explore cooperation with Martha Tilaar Harsini Setiady Theresia, of PT Kalbe Farma. They agreed to create cosmetics and herbal medicine company, called PT Martina Berto, and Martha Tilaar Sariayu launched as the first product. Followed later by opening the first cosmetics factory in Jalan Pulo Ayang, Pulogadung of industrial area, east of Jakarta which was inaugurated by Mrs. Nelly Adam Malik, was wife of Vice President Adam Malik.

In 1983 Martha Tilaar Indonesia established PT Sari Ayu, specifically as a distributor of cosmetic products Sariayu Martha Tilaar. In 1986, Martha Tilaar opened a second plant, this time on the road Pulokambing II / 1, still in the same area that once Pulogadung Industrial Zone was inaugurated by Mrs. Karlinah Umar Wirahadikusumah, wife of Vice President Umar Wirahadikusumah. Martha Tilaar business continues to expand, by acquiring a number of companies until then she and her family fully control the shares of PT Martina Berto. It was performed simultaneously incorporated into the consolidated company Martha Tilaar Group. Martha Tilaar Group subsidiary PT Martina Berto made and PT Tiara Jewel Sari (as a manufacturer and marketer of products Sariayu Tilaar Martha, Martha Tilaar Biokos, Bella Martha Tilaar, Berto Martha Tilaar, Aromatic Oil Of Java Martha Tilaar, Dewi Sri Spa Martha Tilaar, Herb Garden Martha Tilaar).

Martha Tilaar very keen in seeing and capturing market opportunities. In 1987, he launched the "Twilight in Sriwedari" as a new makeup trend, an idea inspired by the richness of nature and culture of Indonesia. And products in the market exploded. The cosmetology much recommend this product to his clients. Since then Martha Tilaar always mempersuntingkan place names and cultural elements of an area, which is then combined with the fashion trend, to each product Sariayu Martha Tilaar.

Call it a product he called out in 1989 Sumatra-style, Prameswari Puri (1990) took from ethnic Cirebon and Bali, Senandung Nyiur (1991) from the coast of Indonesia, Asmat History (1992) from Irian Jaya / Papua, Rama-Rama Toraja ( 1993). And, peak color is the trend Pusako Minang from Minangkabau. Sariayu manages to appear as a trendsetter in her makeup Indonesia. Martha Tilaar business travel is not always smooth. He has experienced rise and fall of the tides or business. Although the company has a large and advanced, people are still out of my eyes. Understandably, herbal cosmetic products Sariayu Martha Tilaar is identical at all the local products. People want him so easily without knowing that the product is already a worldwide Martha Tilaar, quality, and prestigious.

In fact, Martha Tilaar Sariayu has become an icon of local products worldwide. For example, Martha Tilaar Sariayu have Biokos classy cosmetics, Bella, Caring Colours, Professional Artist Cosmetics (PAC), Aromatic, Medicinal Garden and others that are well known to foreign tourists. As an entrepreneur, it is not unyielding personality was the one who drove him to become successful as it is now. Martha also always think positive and never stop innovating. As a teenager, Martha was used to sell food to supplement the small allowance. He also likes to take Bribes telik and Jali-jali White, who thrives on land owned by eyangnya, to be assembled into necklaces and bracelets. He sold the jewelry to his friends at school. Martha was always too little attention to small things and details surrounding it.

Winning the title of Honorary Doctorate (Honoris Causa) degree in "Fashion and Artistry" from World University in Tuscon, Arizona, USA in 1984 is living life to the miraculous power of God. Been 'convicted' barren by an obstetrician and gynecologist abroad, after 11 years married and no children. But that did not give up. He continues to have children through traditional means. Incidentally Martha have grandmothers expert jamu makers. For four years he was diligent in taking jejamuan it with patience and diligence. Until at some point in the age of 41 years, Martha stopped menstruating. Doctors claimed Martha was entering the menopause. He was very sad, because what it wanted idealized unattainable.

But, because the power of God Almighty, the absence of this coming month is because he began to conceive. Martha gave birth to her first child at age 42 years, and in the following years three more were born descendants have now become a successful children. Martha Tilaar highly committed to build the cosmetic industry. He is a major investment in research and development (R &D;). He would send a pharmaceutical expert staff to study abroad, or participated in various exhibitions abroad. He has two staff pharmacists with doctoral degree, a master's degree and other undergraduate. R &D; give other results. Martha Tilaar slowly managed to reduce dependence on imported raw ingredients, alternating with local raw materials in every product. Another outcome, it is more astonishing, in July 2002, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan invited Martha Tilaar present in the Global Compact forum in New York, USA.

As a keperduliannya against women, Martha founded the Martha Tilaar Foundation. He educated many women and mothers of beauty. The goal is that they understand the beauty that can take care of themselves. But most of all that they have the skill of beauty, something that had a lot to help women in multidimensional crisis engulfing the nation, including termination of employment (FLE) to female employees as well as men in many other companies. Martha Tilaar for women is a huge unifying role for the integrity of the nation. Therefore he did not want women backward in the matter of education.

Relying on the strength of research and 37 researchers at the Martha Tilaar's Innovation Center (MTIC), Martha successfully produce brand cosmetics, body care, spa, and herbs that are known to foreign tourists. Call it Sariayu, Caring, Bella, Rudy Hadisuwarno Cosmetics, Biokos, Professional Artist Cosmetics (PAC), Aromatic, Medicinal Garden, and Dewi Sri Spa. As a corporation, Martha Tilaar Group also successfully achieved ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and GMP Certification in Asia in 1996.

Principles underlying the sharing of Martha Tilaar beauty business in the form of empowerment, especially for women. Martha Tilaar business group is an umbrella for 11 subsidiaries and employs approximately 6,000 employees, 70% of whom were women. Not least among these women who get the opportunity to learn and schools free to develop themselves. Began working in the realm of the household to experts such as researchers in the company. Martha did not hesitate to send investigators to France belajaretnobotany and medical anthropology in Leiden, Netherlands. "Scientific approach is needed to develop local products," he said. One more key to business success Martha Tilaar, focus on one area, namely beauty. "I started the business from the salon, and schools, factories, distribution is all moving in the field of beauty.

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